Wheel Lifts

Wheel Lifts

Lifting our wheels isn't just fun, it will help us get up and over obstacles on the trail easily!
In this collection, we will go over the various front and rear wheel lifts including the manual and the quarter punch.
Mastering these techniques will undoubtedly help you on the trail, they can take a while to learn, so make sure you go out and practice!

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Wheel Lifts
  • Basic Front Wheel Lift

    The basic front wheel lift is a quick move that works well for small to medium obstacles on medium speed. Practice the stomp before trying this one out!

  • The quarter punch \ pedal kick front wheel lift

    The quarter punch is a great technique for a front wheel lift in slow speed and seated position.
    Before practicing the quarter punch, please go over: Ratchet, brake modulation.

  • Manual: The Basics

    The Manual is a super useful technique to lift your front wheel at higher speeds and its cool too!
    Before practicing the manual, make sure you go over neutral\ready positions, front to back movements, brake modulation, and the stomp.

  • Choosing the correct wheel lift for your speed

    Each wheel lift technique has its advantages with different riding speeds. The quarter punch will be ideal for slow speed, the basic front wheel lift for medium speed and the manual front wheel lift for higher speed. Here's why...

  • Rear Wheel Lift

    The basic rear wheel lift can be used in various ways and is a great skill to learn. Lifting the rear wheel can help with clearing obstacles, controlling your rear wheel in tight turns and making your ride generally smoother. It will also allow you to progress to more advanced techniques such as ...