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Watch this video and more on Mountain Bike Training Center

Choosing the correct wheel lift for your speed

Wheel Lifts • 1m 13s

Up Next in Wheel Lifts

  • Rear Wheel Lift

    The basic rear wheel lift can be used in various ways and is a great skill to learn. Lifting the rear wheel can help with clearing obstacles, controlling your rear wheel in tight turns and making your ride generally smoother. It will also allow you to progress to more advanced techniques such as ...

  • Manual Progression: Longer Manual

    While on the trail you really need to master a basic bike length manual, being able to extend the distance of your manual isn't only cool - it will enable you to be more confident and creative on the trail.
    The key movement will be bending and extending your knees and rocking your hips backwards ...

  • Manual Progression: Roll Up

    While the manual is a great move for showing off, it can also be very useful on the trail. For example, you can use the manual to roll up obstacles when approaching them at higher speeds.

    As you time the manual to let the front wheel up and over your obstacle, take into account a few things:


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