Power tools

Power tools

Sometimes, a small and precise move can create that flow we're all looking for... Our power tools section will include various moves and techniques that are either a key for the more advanced moves or just super useful on the trail as it is.

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Power tools
  • The Lunge

    Lunging the bike isn't only a display of good understanding regarding bike\body separation, it's also a very useful move for example with drops or roll downs.

  • The Stomp

    The stomp is a quick and super useful move to preload and unweights the bike. We will be visiting this technique often as it is used for wheel lifts, jumps, bunny hops and rolling over rough terrain.

  • Ratchet pedaling technique

    Do you ever hit your pedals while negotiating technical sections on the trail?
    Roots and rocks can catch our pedals and ruin our flow, the ratchet is one great solution which is easy to get started with.