The fundamentals are so important but often overlooked, in this course, we’ll cover, in depth, the neutral and ready position and our front to back and side to side movement. With these you can start to build up your ability to perform more advanced techniques.

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  • Fundamentals: Neutral Position

    The Neutral position isn’t hard to master but is very often overlooked. Get it right and the rest of your riding will become much easier!

  • Fundamentals: Ready Position

    From our Neutral position, we can crouch down into our ready position. A lower position enabling us more range of motion and stability, for bigger moves and more technical sections on the trail.

  • Fundamentals: Front to Back

    Our ability to move from the center of the bike to the front, back and return to the center will enable us to find and keep our balance on both climbs and descents.

  • Fundamentals: Side to Side

    Our side to side movement will be used for keeping our balance as well as cornering. Make sure you are comfortable with your side to side move before advancing to more challenging techniques or terrain.

  • On the trail: Neutral vs Ready

    Ever feel like your legs get really tired while standing up on the bike? Maybe you're getting stuck in the ready position for too long? Learn how Neutral vs. Ready can help you on the trail.

  • Basic Shifting

    Shifting can be smooth or it can be creaking annoying and might even break a chain.
    The secret to smooth shifting is timing the shift to a point when there is minimal tension on the chain.
    On the other hand, we have to be pedaling while shifting, and pedaling creates tension on the chain - so wha...