In this section we will review various techniques for dropping off in a safe and balanced way. For example, the lunge drop, the stomp drop and the combined technique.

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  • The Lunge

    Lunging the bike isn't only a display of good understanding regarding bike\body separation, it's also a very useful move for example with drops or roll downs.

  • The Lunge Drop

    The lunge can be used for dropping off safely, it does require a good lunge move as well as accurate timing, but you can practice safe and small before building confidence and progressing to larger drops.

  • The Stomp

    The stomp is a quick and super useful move to preload and unweights the bike. We will be visiting this technique often as it is used for wheel lifts, jumps, bunny hops and rolling over rough terrain.

  • The Stomp Drop

    Using a quick stomp we can send ourselves off a drop off with minimal movement and maximum balance. This is actually Shaums's preferred drop technique!

  • Drops: Stomp & Lunge Combined

    Once you've practiced and mastered the lunge and the stomp drops separately, you can try to combine them both!
    As different riders find it easier to use different moves, this style which is a bit of both, might prove very useful.

  • How Speed Affects Drops

    As you head towards a roll down or a drop feature, your speed will play a critical role in the correct choice of technique. Not every method is always the best, here are a few things to consider on how speed affects our drops and roll downs.

  • Pushing vs Pulling on drops

    Riding drops requires us to keep the front wheel light and prevent it from diving down too early. While this is usually referred to as "pulling" the bike, Roxy explaing how this is actually more of a push motion than you might think.