Great cornering equals great flow. Whether it be high speed corners on a flow trail or tight switchbacks in the woods, good cornering skills take time to develop, we’re here to make it as simple as possible.

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  • Cornering: Low speed

    Low speed corners (switchbacks) can be tricky to steer and balance, follow these exercises to understand the technique and take it to the trail.

  • Cornering: High speed

    High speed corners are a common element on most trails, they do require quite a bit of practice to master, this lesson will make the technique simple to understand – go out and practice!

  • Cornering: Foot down vs Equal Weight

    You might have heard that you should drop your outside foot and apply pressure to it while cornering.
    In this video, we will demonstrate the differences between equally weighted feet to one foot down and explain why balance is usually better!

  • How speed affects our steering in corners

    If you've reviewed both high speed and low speed cornering, you should already know the difference between steering and leaning the bike. Here's a quick overview on how speed will make us move from one technique to the other.

  • High Speed Corners: Speed control

    High-speed corners can be more challenging the faster you try to commit to them. Understanding how fast you can get into a corner, when and how much brakes should be applied and if you can actually commit on time - are all important factors for successful cornering.

  • Cornering progressions: slow in fast out

    Keeping momentum through cornering is one of those things that separates efficient riders from those who simply work too hard and waste energy.
    Use the slow in-fast out approach to making sure you gaining momentum out of corners instead of losing it, here’s how.

  • Ride smart: approaching a corner with a rock climb

    Thinking about your setup can make some features easier than they seem, let’s see how Shaums does it on a climbing corner that has a rock roll up in the middle of it.

  • Nose Manual Turns

    Check out this step by step instruction on how to practice nose manual turns.
    Nose manual turns require a lot of practice, before starting you should be comfortable:
    1. Front brake modulation.
    2. Basic rear wheel lifts.

    Mastering the nose manual turns is cool, but more than that - you will be ab...