On the trail

On the trail

In the "On the trail" section, we will feature items that give a good example and help to understand how the various skills, moves and techniques we teach are actually used, and combined on out where it counts - on the trail!

On the trail
  • On the trail: Neutral vs Ready

    Ever feel like your legs get really tired while standing up on the bike? Maybe you're getting stuck in the ready position for too long? Learn how Neutral vs. Ready can help you on the trail.

  • How to avoid pedal hits?

    Pedal hits are a common flow killer, especially with the new low, long and slack geometry. A few techniques you can use to avoid pedal hits are the ratchet, coasting and timing your pedaling. In this clip, we'll show you how it works, and we will cover exercises to improve on those techniques in ...

  • How to avoid "Arm Pump"?

    While riding long descents, have you experienced your arms and palms hurting to almost to a point where you have to stop? That’s arm pump! Arm pump is caused when our arms are simply taking too much load, it’s usually the result of our balance being too forwards. Let’s go over some solutions in t...

  • Ride smart: approaching a corner with a rock climb

    Thinking about your setup can make some features easier than they seem, let’s see how Shaums does it on a climbing corner that has a rock roll up in the middle of it.