Brake Control

Brake Control

Controlling your brakes is a critical skill for riding smoothly and safely. Whether you’re heading out for a fun ride or trying to be as fast as possible for a race, good braking and speed control is a skill you should refine.

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Brake Control
  • Brake control: modulation

    Learn how to modulate your braking power to achieve smoother riding and better control over your speed on the trail.

  • Brake control: brace and counter balance

    As we brake, our body weight wants to keep moving forward, learn how to counterbalance and brace in order to brake in a safe and stable way.

  • Braking: full stop dismount

    Make your stops safer by using getting to a full stop before dismounting off the bike, here’s how.

  • Braking: common errors

    We all need to use our brakes while riding. The proper braking technique will give us a smooth ride, while these common errors can easily ruin our day…