Bike Setup

Bike Setup

Bike setup is a great way to get more out of your bike, and remember - your bike is only as good as your setup is!
In this section we'll go over various aspects of bike setup, so you'll get yours dialled!

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Bike Setup
  • Adjusting Seat Tilt

    Understanding how seat tilt adjustment can have an impact on our comfort and performance. Here are a few tips from Shaums on how and why he sets up his seat tilt in a specific way.

  • Bike setup: Handlebar roll

    What difference can the bar roll make? What are the rise and the sweep on the bar and how they affect our body position?
    Shaums goes over a simple way to understand the bar roll setup.

  • Bike setup: Stem Length

    Stem length is one option to get a better fit and handling out of our bike, learn how it changes handling so you can make a better choice for yourself.

  • Bike setup: Crank Length

    Unless building a bike from scratch, most of us stay with whatever cranks our bikes came with. Crank length can have an impact on how the bike feels and pedals, as well as clearance from obstacles. Here are a few points to consider...

  • Should you use the dropper most mid position?

    With most modern dropper posts, its possible to set the seat height and any point along its travel. We've been asked about using the middle position for riding, here is Tal's opinion on the matter...